Wedding and special events co-ordinator

Taking the pressure to allow you to truly enjoy your special day

About me

My name is Carolyn Hasson and I have lived in Spain since 2007, more locally in the East Costa Del Sol region since 2014 and have had the privilege of supporting the organisation of weddings and special events in the area for the last decade too.

Unlike a wedding planner, I offer the private co-ordinational support to your event providing the essential attention to detail and communication with your suppliers, venues, hosts and scheduling to ensure everyone is on the same page.

I look forward to the opportunity to discuss your big event and how I can support you by taking the pressure off your shoulders to allow you to truly enjoy your special day. 


Example of my service

Collect the details

Once you have booked my services for your special day, I will arrange a call with you and follow up email to confirm details of your event.

Create the checklist

I will provide you with a count down checklist highlighting timeframes from suppliers and any notes from venues and hosts.

4 weeks before your big day….

I will contact you and take all the information of the suppliers you have booked, check with them that all payments are up to date and any outstanding payments or administration is under control.

The final run

At an agreed time, I will send you through a final countdown check list to help make sure all last-minute tasks and information I require are completed.

We will discuss together in a video call the timeline of the day based on information you have provided me from the check list.

Ready for take off

When you arrive in Spain I will arrange a final meeting with you to have a rehearsal if required, take any final payments for suppliers, go through the final schedule of the day and answer any last minute questions.

The big day

On your special day I will call all suppliers first thing in the morning to make sure they are all ready to go and no last-minute unforeseen problems.

We will be with you for up to 7 hours to oversee suppliers, communicate with caterers, execute the timeline to ensure your day runs smoothly.

You will be in very safe hands on your special day knowing you can relax and enjoy every second celebrating with family and friends.

Co-ordination fee  – from 650 Euros

A 200 Euros non-refundable deposit is required on confirmation

Optional extras

Additional Co-ordinator – from 80 Euros

Food tasting – from 100 Euros

Venue visits – from 50 Euros

Additional hours on the big day – 50 Euros per hour per co-ordinator

Payment terms

All payments are to be made in Euros to my Spanish account.  Non-refundable deposit is required prior to work commencing and optional extras must be committed in writing at least 7 days prior to the event.

Any payments for suppliers, venue, hosts or others involved in the event are your responsibility and Alboran Events do not hold any liability for these arrangements or the fulfilment of any third party’s services.

An invoice will be provided for all services provided.


When planning your own wedding it is extremely important that the venue you choose has permissions to have a wedding ceremony, and all suppliers must be Atonomo registered (Legally allowed to work self employed).

I personally will not take any responsibility if any supplier/venue hired does not have the correct paperwork. This is to protect yourselves more than anything to ensure you are working with legal companies and they are legitimate.